Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Beginning Of the Flower Gardens Season

Here's a little post of my flower gardens or the beginning of my flower gardens this year.  I just love them so far!  The first pictures are prior to last weekend's cleaning and adding new mulch.  Of course I will be posting more during the blooming season and a final shot after my new additions to my favorite flower garden.

My Daffodils in the front yard garden.
Some Tulips and Hyacinthia
I am going to have to fix my little girl's head.  She broke during storage.  
See they are both missing a leg that I need to glue on too.  
I wonder what they were doing in the shed all Winter long?
After the weekend clean up.
So much better, but many of the Spring flowers are gone.
Hostas are up though and Day Lilies are beginning to come up too.
Before my planters are filled and 
before the bushes are filled with leaves.
I also need to paint two new bird houses to add to the Shepard hook.

I also have my Butterfly/Humming Bird garden in the back.

A couple of weeks ago after cleaning it up for the new growing season.
Amazing the beauty in just a couple of weeks. 
I am still adding to this garden, trying to get something to entice them 
through out the entire season.

I have four different flower beds around our shed.

Here is the left side.  I planted these plants and bulbs four years ago.  I have never seen my Oriental Lilies (Star Fighter, Star Gazers, and Casablanca) yet.  The stupid rabbits eat them every Spring before they get too big.  I also have only seen my Asiatic lilies the first year when I planted them because they eat them too.  This year, we put up a little fence and netting to keep them out.  They have grown bigger than they have in the years past.  Here's hoping it works.
They should have spread by now.
I also have plans to add some colorful birdhouses to this section.  
I can not wait to complete them.

The backside of the shed is my Day Lily garden.  I just realized, I never took a picture of the greenery this season yet.  It also has one hosta towards the end.  This is the garden this guy found a home this season.
 Near the end by one of my Lilac bushes.  
The other end has a Butterfly bush which looks dead until sometime in June.

The right side of the shed is lined with two different types of hostas.  I did not take a picture of it yet either.

The front is my favorite flower garden.  Here is a picture after we took all the Lamb's Ear out (I am sure we will find new pop up.) and after the boys added two Iris plants for me and planted Gladiola bulbs which will bloom later this Summer.  It is also prior to mulching.
and we are adding my arbor to it now.
We will be adding two Clematis on each side of the arbor.
Here is a picture of one of them in the pot still.
Right behind Taj.  :)

I will show the after once it is completed.  I have thought about adding a quilt square to our shed too, but have not mentioned it to Todd yet or picked out which quilt square to use.

Keep your eye out for more Garden post during the season because gardening is definitely one of my passions.