Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Plans For New Flower Bed

Oh I have been working online for our next garden season! Okay more the flower beds I have been working on ideas, since I want to add the new flower bed with the arbor we bought 2 years ago. So many ideas in my head right now and most or all will be implemented. I am super excited to tell you about them and eventually show it to you all.

First we will construct the white arbor, directly under the arbor I want pea gravel. I may add a few stepping stones that will be special to us, not just the plain stepping stones. I plan on making a decorative bench to place under the arbor as well. On both sides of the arbor I plan to plant Morning Glories in hopes they will climb up the arbor. We will see if this is the permanent flower next to the arbor.

In back of my arbor I would like 5 ornamental grass lined up in a row. I am sort of worried about this idea because many of the ornamental grass need sunlight and the area of this flower bed will be partial sunlight. I am still looking for that special ornamental grass that may handle the partial sunlight conditions.

Off to an angle of both sides of the arbor will be mound dirt for the flower beds. I have been researching and I want to place in them Hosta, Astilbe, Sedum, Phlox Rose, Starburst Caladium, and Coneflowers. Each mound will mirror one another. Inside one mound I want to add a bird bath and a bird feeder. The other mound I want to add another bird feeder and a bird house.

I plan on making the bird feeders and bird house and I can not wait! They are going to be fun and whimsical.

How cute are these bird feeders? Seriously! I fell in love with it the first time I saw them. I am definitely going to make a few of these. I thought I would look at consignment shops for the tea cups and saucers. After keeping the thought to myself for several days, I finally spoke up to Todd and told him what I wanted and then hopped online to show him. While I did a search I came across this!

Yep, now I am going to make a bird house similar to this, not exactly, I do not want my house to be angled, I am just going to make a cut out and attach it to a bird house, but my cut out will be angled. I am just too excited about this garden I can hardly contain myself. Spring is not going to come quick enough for me.

Flower Power

Last summer while on vacation I read a little bit about seedlings, this Spring I am going to be putting some of this in place this year in hopes that my flower seedlings will be more successful. I have placed on a calendar when to start my seedlings...

February 12 - Snapdragons should be started. Seedling should starts to appear 8-14 days later any time February 20-27th.

March 4 -Impatiens should be started. Seedling should starts to emerge 18-28 days later; any time March 22-April 1st.

March 18 -Petunias should be started. Seedling should starts to appear 10-14 days later; March 28-March 31st.

April 22 -Morning Glories should be started. These seeds need to soak over night to have a better start. Seedling should start to emerge 7-21 days; April 29-May 13th.

April 29 - Cosmo and Alyssums should be started. Cosmos seedlings should start to emerge 7-10 days; May 6-May 10th. Alyssums seedlings should emerge 8-10 days; May 7-May 10th

I plan to keep track when they are closer to bloom and apply this next year to the plans if I have success with the seedlings. I have been very frustrated the last two years I have had no luck once they sprout; they tend to die shortly after. This year will be my test to see if the new information I have learned is helpful.