Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soaker Hose...what a beauty you are.

June 24th

Funny, our garden was delayed due to graduation, grandchild being born and a whole lot of rain.  Now it is hot hot hot and very little rain.  We needed rain in the worse way, so out came the soaker hoses.  Now I have to set it up in my new little butterfly garden.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Our veggies are doing alright right now.
They are not as big as they typically are
Due to the fact that we planted them so much later this year.
We ended up sticking only to the main garden.
No tub gardens this year except for the lettuce bed and a few herbs.
No hanging basket gardens this year.
Wat we do have is looking decent right now.
Our peppers are growing.
The cabbage is doing wonderful again.
Same with the broccoli
Right now our cucumbers are thriving.  
We have not had a good crop of cucumbers for the past 2 years.  
Right now we have 4 good plants going.
However, I did see a cucumber beetle and they are the demons of our problems in the past.
We have 3 zucchini plants going great as well.
You cannot tell by this photo,
the 3 sister crops are doing well.
The pole beans are growing faster right now then the corn.
However I am sure that will change in a few days.
If all goes well. 
We should have a lot of green beans.
I mean A LOT!
As long as the Japanese beetles stay away from them.
I am finding them now.
Typically it is okay, they do love the beans but the
beans are more mature and can handle it.
This year we are behind schedule for the beans.

Oh guess what...
Do you see it?
Yes! That!
Our first tomato!

Flower Bed

Welcome to my favorite flower bed.   

This is what it looks like when all three of the Asiatic Lilies are blooming.
I added a new friend to the garden and a week later.
His friend was added.
I named the boy Todd.
He has a shovel in his hand as if he is gardening.
The girl I named Jolene because she has a watering can in her hand.
Later this fall, I plan to dig the Day Lilies up and place them more to the front.
This way they are not hidden by the Asiatic Lilies.
I also plan to add Gladiola every year.
I love them, however I am not fond of digging them up every fall and replanting in the Spring.
Here are some of this years better photos of the Asiatic Lilies.
This guy is still my favorite though.
I have tried to keep the Lamb's Ear from blooming.
I do not want them to spread any more.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Butterfly Garden

My butterfly garden has been created a year sooner then anticipated.  
We have been picking up things for it a little at a time but I did not plan to actually build it until next spring. 
This changed when on Saturday.
I met Todd at our Hy-Vee for breakfast but I was there first.
While I was there I wondered to the garden area in the parking lot.
A lot of the plants were in bad shape...
Root bound most are from being in the pots so long.
However I found a gold mine possibly.
They were giving the plants away.
Yes... giving them away!
I found several plants that attract butterflies and humming birds.  

Build it and they will come...

Here is the location in the back yard that I chose.
I had all four of the boys assisting and Todd as well.
Todd secured the yard timber.
Joshua helped carry the top soil. 
Matthew and Ethan brought over compost
We had compost building under the newer grass for 2 years.
I have to is great compost.
We filled the frame of the bed with compost and then added the top soil.  
Next came planting the actual flowers.
The boys assisted me with this as well.
After all the plants were added, I added the butterfly trellis.
The boys and Todd laughed saying it looked like a freshly dug grave with the trellis being the headstone.
They were right.  
It did.
Then I added the humming bird shepherd hook with a humming bird feeder.

Next the butterfly shepherd hook with a butterfly wind chime.

Noah helped me add the little garden fence around the butterfly bed.
I hope it keeps the bunnies out.
Noah also helped me plant Sweet Peas near the trellis.
I am in hopes it is not too late for them to grow and bloom.
The plants do not look so lively right now.
I am happy with the look.
I can see the beauty next year.
Hopefully the butterflies and humming birds will as well.  
I placed it next to a tree for future butterflies to breed
and the offspring to feed.

...Build it...they will come.