Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flower Bed

Welcome to my favorite flower bed.   

This is what it looks like when all three of the Asiatic Lilies are blooming.
I added a new friend to the garden and a week later.
His friend was added.
I named the boy Todd.
He has a shovel in his hand as if he is gardening.
The girl I named Jolene because she has a watering can in her hand.
Later this fall, I plan to dig the Day Lilies up and place them more to the front.
This way they are not hidden by the Asiatic Lilies.
I also plan to add Gladiola every year.
I love them, however I am not fond of digging them up every fall and replanting in the Spring.
Here are some of this years better photos of the Asiatic Lilies.
This guy is still my favorite though.
I have tried to keep the Lamb's Ear from blooming.
I do not want them to spread any more.

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