Thursday, July 7, 2011


Our veggies are doing alright right now.
They are not as big as they typically are
Due to the fact that we planted them so much later this year.
We ended up sticking only to the main garden.
No tub gardens this year except for the lettuce bed and a few herbs.
No hanging basket gardens this year.
Wat we do have is looking decent right now.
Our peppers are growing.
The cabbage is doing wonderful again.
Same with the broccoli
Right now our cucumbers are thriving.  
We have not had a good crop of cucumbers for the past 2 years.  
Right now we have 4 good plants going.
However, I did see a cucumber beetle and they are the demons of our problems in the past.
We have 3 zucchini plants going great as well.
You cannot tell by this photo,
the 3 sister crops are doing well.
The pole beans are growing faster right now then the corn.
However I am sure that will change in a few days.
If all goes well. 
We should have a lot of green beans.
I mean A LOT!
As long as the Japanese beetles stay away from them.
I am finding them now.
Typically it is okay, they do love the beans but the
beans are more mature and can handle it.
This year we are behind schedule for the beans.

Oh guess what...
Do you see it?
Yes! That!
Our first tomato!

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