Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flower Power

Last summer while on vacation I read a little bit about seedlings, this Spring I am going to be putting some of this in place this year in hopes that my flower seedlings will be more successful. I have placed on a calendar when to start my seedlings...

February 12 - Snapdragons should be started. Seedling should starts to appear 8-14 days later any time February 20-27th.

March 4 -Impatiens should be started. Seedling should starts to emerge 18-28 days later; any time March 22-April 1st.

March 18 -Petunias should be started. Seedling should starts to appear 10-14 days later; March 28-March 31st.

April 22 -Morning Glories should be started. These seeds need to soak over night to have a better start. Seedling should start to emerge 7-21 days; April 29-May 13th.

April 29 - Cosmo and Alyssums should be started. Cosmos seedlings should start to emerge 7-10 days; May 6-May 10th. Alyssums seedlings should emerge 8-10 days; May 7-May 10th

I plan to keep track when they are closer to bloom and apply this next year to the plans if I have success with the seedlings. I have been very frustrated the last two years I have had no luck once they sprout; they tend to die shortly after. This year will be my test to see if the new information I have learned is helpful.

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