Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's A Good Thing

The weather has been perfect so far for our gardens. First time in the 3 years I have had all 3 of my Asiatic Lilies blooming the same time. Typically one is just finishing as the other starts to open up. This year I did not add the Alyssum to the border only because none of my seeds took this year. I am going to have to re-think where to start them next year. I'm thinking the closet where the furnace and water heater might be a good start for a small little green house but I will have to take a better look at that later. Next year when I start my butterfly garden, I am taking most of the Lamb's Ear out of this garden and placing it in the butterfly garden. It is over powering my flower bed. These were just 3 different 1 gallon pot plants last year that is just exploding. My Iris plants and the 2 day lilies have not even bloomed because of the Lamb's Ear. I might add something else in it's place next year, but they are definitely going. Don't take me wrong, I do like them and when they have all the purple blooms open, they are pretty. I just want to see the other plants that I planted as well.

The row of Day Lilies will be pretty next year. After I added the 4 new plants from last weekend, it is giving me a better image. Although there is 1 hosta there as well. I just didn't want to move it since it was doing great. My newest lilac bush I am concerned about. It does have new growth but the old growth seems to be dieing. I do hope it makes it. The butterfly bush seems to have taken. It is so small. I am going to have to put out some blood meal once the rain stops, the bunnies are eating my plants and I don't want them to eat this one, they have devoured some of my lilies.

The vegetable garden. WoW!!!! Well we are going to have a lot of sugar snap peas. I believe we figured out why they didn't take. Todd realized we didn't soak the seeds the first time. Now we have a lot of sprouts on the one side. I didn't notice any on the side with more shade. We have a lot of actual vegetables starting now. This broccoli started way too soon. Thankfully only one of the plants started early. We will not have big heads of broccoli from this plant. However the others are growing so large. We will have a lot of broccoli from them. The green beans are starting to attach to the fence. This is a very good thing, we should have a bumper crop of green beans is all goes well still. Most of the radish is ready for us to harvest. They are getting huge and some have went to bloom so I hope those are still good enough to eat. We haven't been able to get out to pick them due to the rain. We need a dry day to have the soil not so wet when we get in there. We have our first head of cauliflower growing. This is so exciting because we have never grown cauliflower before. The carrots are taking off. I think we are going to have some great frozen mixed veggies for this Fall and Winter straight from our own garden.
The Roma tomatoes are starting to have tomatoes now. Last year we were disappointed with our tomatoes, I hope we have a better season this year. Last year, it was a cooler Summer and that had a lot to do with it. Our corn, I can't believe how big they are. The first 4 rows we planted will definitely be higher then knee high by the 4th of July. Our second 4 row, just might be knee high by the 4th.

We are not sure what but we think there may be some kind of slug in the garden eating on our cabbage. Once again, if it were to stop raining long enough to dry out some, we would be able to get into the garden and find the guy. We also found our first Squash Boar Bug, 2 of them yesterday. It was this bug that killed our squash plant last year. Right now our squash and zucchini are doing great. The Diva Cucumber plant didn't make it. Todd read online that many fail at having one successfully grow from seedling. We will try again next year. This afternoon we will hopefully find a cucumber plant to replace this one. Our pickling cucumber took and is doing well.


  1. Here in the South if you keep pinching back the lambs ear and not letting it flower, you can keep it from taking over....but even here you have to divide it every other year. Pretty but invasive.

    Everything looks amazing!

    My mouth waters at all those veggies!

  2. Thanks Aimee. I will definitely have to try that with the lambs ear. I read I can divide every 2 years so next year it will be.