Monday, July 5, 2010

Harvesting...What's for Dinner

Today we harvested 3 large zucchinis, 1 yellow squash, yellow wax beans, a handful of sugar peas, and 1 green tomato. Oh and 1 onion.

I don't think we will have more then 2 more zucchinis this year because of the Squash Vine Boar. They killed our entire plant of Spaghetti Squash and Butternut Squash. This was our first year planting them and I was so looking forward to the Spaghetti Squash.

I believe our Tomatoes have early blight disease. Still checking into it. We may not have more then one crop of tomatoes this year.

It's been such a disappointing season so far with our garden. We planned and looked forward all winter long and to lose so many things and the rain working against us with our peas, corn, and tomatoes.


We took advantage of the yellow wax beans for dinner... I am wanting different recipes for the beans and I am in hopes of finding a good one. Tonight's dinner I just fixed them very simple by boiling in salt water for 4 minutes.

I also made our first summer delicacy...fried green tomatoes. Here again I use a very simple recipe. One green tomato, flour that has been seasoned with salt and pepper. I tend to go light on salt and pepper because each person has their own taste and they can always add more to their taste buds. You slice your tomato. While you are slicing your ripe green tomato, you should have a skillet with little vegetable oil heating. When the oil is hot enough, you coat both sides of the tomato in your flour mixture and place into the skillet. You want to pay attention so your tomatoes do not burn. You will need to fry both sides of the tomato. I have found that using tongues is much easier then a flipper or spatula for turning the tomato. When both sides are lightly browned, it is time to remove from your skillet. Season once more with pepper and salt. We have used an egg wash before dipping in the flour. The outside of the tomato is a little more crisper. We have also added Wheat Germ to the flour before as well. This gave it a different taste, it was still good.

Tonight's Dinner was grilled tomato basil chicken ka-bob, veggie ka-bob, small yellow potatoes, yellow wax beans, and fried green tomatoes. What a summer treat!

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