Thursday, July 1, 2010

Worry, Worry, Worry!

We have had an exceptionally wet and humid Spring. Humidity is great for the garden but all this rain! I am afraid we are not going to have a very productive garden this year. Our peas are only knee to hip high. This time last year they were nearly 6-8 ft and needing a trellis. They are producing peas now too. This concerns me with the plants being so short that we will not have nearly as many peas as we did last year.

Pepper plants are stunted in growth compared to last year. Our banana peppers and hot peppers are producing peppers, the peppers themselves are nearly as big as the actual plant.

Our bush yellow wax beans, seem to be doing well, but I don't have anything to compare to since this is our first year growing them. The pole beans are doing great and we are seeing green beans now. A little earlier then last year, but I am not worried about them since they are still growing.

Tomatoes started to produce tomatoes early and the bottom leaves are yellowing from all the rain.

Corn, the first 4 rows of corn are about shoulder high, very comparable to last year, however they are starting to have tassels, this is a lot earlier then last year and at a shorter height. I don't know if this should be a concern or not.

Cucumbers the burpee are doing well so far, but we are seeing a lot of cucumber beetles and they wiped our cucumbers out last year. The Divas we had luck and we have a good two plants growing. We need to get out and put something around them to protect them from the beetles. Divas are a special breed, they can self pollinate and we don't need the bees, so we might get a good cucumber crop.

The zucchinis are producing but we lost a lot of yellow squash and the spaghetti squash to to the squash boar bug. I have done some research and will have to see if we can prevent the larva from developing for next year.

The cauliflower, doesn't seem to be doing so well, again nothing to compare with this one as well since it is our first year growing cauliflower. The broccoli seems o.k. so far and the cabbage the outer leaves have been destroyed by some sort of slug but the heads seem to be fine so far.

I am in hopes to get some pictures this weekend only if we are able to take care of all the crab grass and weeds. We haven't been able to get into it due to the rain.

We are seeing a lot of Japanese beetles again and they are eating the leaves of our green beans. I found an article and next year, I plan to plant poppies on the boarder of the garden. Japanese beetles do not like this flower. Hopefully it will take care of them.

I'm giving up on strawberries. My pot didn't thrive again this year. I think I will just go to a strawberry patch and pick them next year. I haven't been able to make strawberry jam yet.

Now I have to find something to keep the bunnies and chipmunks away from my lilies.

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