Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great Buy!

Mrs. Wages we have found is the best salsa recipe for canning. This is also the same brand we use for the pasta, chili base, and pickles. We have used different brands for the pickles but Mrs. Wages taste much better. Next Summer I may experiment and make my own pasta sauce to see if I can make a low sodium one but I will not make a lot of it since we do not know if it will taste better. Todd went to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and found a bargain. Each packet was $.25. Typically they are any where from $2.50-$2.75. I am already looking forward to canning since we did not do very much of it this year and we have a huge start already for next year. He picked up 7 salsa, 3 pasta sauce, and 6 hot salsa. Each packet makes 5 quarts. We had picked up already 4 salsa, 2 pasta sauce, and pickle packets last Spring. My goal each year is to have 15 quarts of pasta sauce, 10 pints of chili base, 10 pints each type of salsa. I would like to make baskets with canning goodies for our Mothers and any child living away from home too next year. I do not think we need to pick up any more for salsa. I hope we have a great crop of tomatoes next year. I'm sad we were unable to do no canning this year.

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