Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Deck Garden

Baby Spinach is not happening the beginning of our garden season.
Too hot to start over now after the squirrels did their damage.
We will have to start over near the fall.

On the left is Romaine lettuce is sparse but what we do have is doing well. 
The other was planted about 3 weeks after the Romaine.  It is a blend.

My herbal garden is not doing as well.
Once again, the squirrels are the reason.
Only half of the box is growing.
This is my Cilantro.

The Chives in the back did not take at all.  
The squirrels went to town in that box.
The front left side, some Sweet Basil is growing.
The right is my Parsley.
I think only 1 plant is coming up.  
The rain is the reason for this one.
I made the mistake and did not drill holes for drainage in the containers.

After this weekend we plan to put our inside greenhouse
together inside our porch.
We then will start over with herbs, lettuce, and baby spinach.

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