Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wascally Wabbits Hit Again

I lost my oriental lilies and Asiatic lilies again this year.  They did not multiply from last year because the rabbits are eating them quicker then they can bloom.  I picked up Alyssum to plant outside but the weather has not been cooperating for me to plant.  The weather has not stopped the rabbits though.  They now have devoured 7 of my lilies.  I only have 2 left to see as of last night.  No Star Gazers this year!  No Casa Blanca!  No Star Fighter!  No Tiny Todd!  No Lollipop!  No Elide!  Errrr !   I did not want to put a little fencing around the area but I have come to the conclusion, I am.  I think I am going to watch for it to go on sale at the end of the season and pick some up. I do not want the white kind I am sure of that. 

The rabbits leave my day lilies alone and my other Asiatic lilies however in that garden there is lamb's ear as well, maybe they don't like lamb's ear.  In the front they ate on my Tulips but left the daffodils alone.  We have such an abundance too. 

Those darn wascally wabbits...please go away!

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