Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Years Gardens

This year we have two vegetable gardens.  The one in our backyard (24' x 16') and we were able to get one of the larger plots at the city park, community garden (10' x 50').  Our gardens are growing and doing well so far. 

Backyard Garden

 One Week Ago we had Sugar Snap Peas.
This week, now we don't.  The growing season is over for our spring crop.  We plan to plant a fall crop of peas.

Our pea crop was very successful.  We had two rows 16' long and we ended up with 4 side dishes and 3 stir fry dinners.  I also froze 10 bags for side dishes and enough peas for 6 more stir fry meals.  We are very happy with the outcome.

In our backyard garden we have 4 Beef Steak Tomato Plants, 12 Roma Tomato Plants, 4 Cherry Tomato Plants, 4 Grape Tomato Plants, 4 Patio Tomato Plants, 5 Broccoli Plant, 4 Cabbage plants, 4 Bell Pepper Plants, 4 Hot Banana Pepper Plants, 4 Sweet Banana Pepper Plants, Radish (2nd crop), Pole Beans, Lazy House Wife Beans, 2 Egg Plants, 3 Tomatillo Plants, 2 Zucchini and 2 Summer Squash, Red and White Onions, 4 Cucumbers.   Todd just planted in the place where our peas used to be, 3 Summer Squash, 2 Zucchini, 2 Cucumbers.


Community Garden (City Garden):

2 Zucchini Plants, 2 Summer Squash, 2 Butternut Squash, 2 Acorn Squash, 2 Cucumber Plants, 6 Broccoli, 4 Cabbage, 4 Pepper Plants, 6 Egg Plants, 10 Roma Tomato Plants, and 1 Tomatillo Plant.

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