Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Backyard Garden Is Thriving

We have so many plants growing in the backyard garden.  Todd has harvested most of the radish.  We have carrots planted, Swiss Chard, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Loose Leaf Lettuce, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Mild Banana Peppers, Hot Banana Peppers, Egg Plant, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Carrots, Broccoli, Pole Beans, Sugar Snap Peas, Kohlrabi, Spinach and Beef Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Grape Tomatoes.  It has been very hard to keep the weeds away due to the hours we are working this Summer.  Here is the growth and our little garden as of this week.
 Above: Cabbage forming
Below: Broccoli ready to be picked.
 Above: Eggplant just beginning
Below: Kohlrabi ready to be picked.
Above: Next to the fence are the pole beans, 
near the bottom closer to us, is Swiss Chard. 
Past the small stake are the carrots. 
The plant beside the Swiss Chard is hot pepper plant
Below:  Bell Pepper flowering
 Above: Romaine Lettuce
Below: Cherry Tomato

I seriously need to get out to our community garden.

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