Monday, June 22, 2015

Butterfly/Humming Bird Work In Progress

I was so excited this past Spring.  I neglected my flower beds last year with all of the emotional things in my life and this Spring was a new beginning.  I planted several seeds to add to my garden only for rabbits to eat.  They ate the top of my cone flowers and I thought I was not going to have any until this past weekend.  I found one they never ate yet. 
I attempted to plant Moon Flowers to grow up the trellis.  The guy at the farmer's market told me rabbits do not like them. He was wrong.  I tried Clematis but I thought they ate all of them.  This past weekend we picked up a honeysuckle plant and planted it near the trellis.  I was surprised a had a little spout still for the Clematis the rabbits missed.  I left it.  If I have to move one of the plants I will.  I also added a common day lily to the garden.  We added a rabbit fence around the small butterfly/humming bird garden as well.  Now, I am in hopes the plants will take off.  I only need one more type of flower (two plants) to add and the mulch and my butterfly/humming bird garden will be complete.
 My honeysuckle planted along the trellis.
I planted a few Iris bulbs from my Mom's garden.  I cannot wait until I plant the last two plants and add the mulch.  Next year I will have flowers blooming through out the season in this little garden.  I hope it attracts many little visitors.  I am happy with the way this little garden is beginning to shape into.  I liked it better without the fence but it is a must in order to keep the rabbits away. 

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