Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015

Early May: Todd created tape seed for the peas this year.  This will be our first year planting this way.  We have 2rows of peas planted on one end of the backyard garden.  Along the fence is a row of green beans, behind that are half a row of carrots, half a row of radish, and two half rows of different types of .

Todd planted some tomatoes in the back yard garden.  They will be more the cherry, grape, and beef steak tomatoes, the Roma tomatoes will be planted in the community garden plot.

He planted different types of lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and cabbage. 

I am in the works of adding to the butterfly/humming bird garden.  It looks a little bare right now.


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    1. Seed tape is another way to plant your seeds in a row. It keeps the rows neat and proper amount of spacing. It is good for certain types of planting by seeds only.